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Cultivating knowledge. Preserving cameras.


What is a cameramaker?

A cameramaker is a craftsman dedicated to sharing knowledge and preserving
mechanical cameras for generations to come.


What we do

Specialty analog camera repairs, training programs for new talents, spare parts & repair knowledge collection.

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Who we are

Cameramakers is group of analog camera repair experts working under the roof of the Nordic's #1 used camera shop Kameratori.

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Do you have any knowledge of repair documentation that might be valuable for the preservation of a camera type?

Even broken or unwanted cameras are better in our hands than in the garbage! We are constantly looking to grow our spare parts collection so that we can repair cameras for decades to come. 


Cameramakers excels in specialty analog camera gear repairs and is currently only taking on such tasks. 


Service Capabilities For


Large Format

Medium Format




Non-Interchangeable Lens Cameras

Zone Focus


Bronica S

Canon FD

Canon EF

Contax / Yashica

Hasselblad V

Hasselblad X-Pan

Hasselblad H

Leica M

Leica M39 / LTM

Leica R

Mamiya 645

Mamiya RB67

Mamiya 7

Nikon F (Manual)

Nikon S

Olympus OM

Pentax K / M42

Rolleiflex SL35


Contact Information:

Pyynikintori 8, 33230 Tampere

010 2311777520


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