Im interested in ordering 'ready-to-shoot' 35mm film.

This means, perforated and loaded in a recycled can, with 36 exposures.

I'm open to Black & White or Color film, in 200, 400, or 800 speed.

The film I choose depends on who else is selling the same film
and the price of the film.

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Dmitry works for ASTRUM in Shostka, Ukraine. ASTRUM sells film B2B - Business to Business. Not Business to Consumer.  

The film comes from Belgium and Germany - Astrum factory in Shostka, Ukraine prepares it for shooting and undergoes Quality Control. This certifies the film as Smena or Cmeha. Meaning the Astrum factory in Ukraine produces Cmeha film unless sold under a different name by their customers.

Need to Know

Who else is using this film?

Is Astrum [factory] producing Kodak film?

Is Kodak film Cmeha film?

The film you offer, can I go buy it today? And from who?

Main Point

The price list offers various films. For each of the films in GREEN I need to understand:

Prices only show per meter - what is the cost per roll ( perforated, in a 36 exposure recycled can)

Take Away

I'm interested in trying test rolls of a few films. They can be mailed to be in Lviv, Ukraine.

Then I would like to know cost for:
50 rolls (for further testing)
200 rolls
500 rolls
2000 rolls
5000 rolls