About Us

Quality Analog Goods - All in One Place 

Cameraville.co is an online store hosting handpicked quality analog goods from sellers around the world, giving analog photographers a single source to discover products they care about.

Our Sellers are also Photographers

If you want a generic camera accessory from a big box manufacturer you won't find it here. All of our sellers are individuals or small businesses with a passion for analog photography and who create such products that reflect that. 

Why Buy From Cameraville?

Every purchase from Cameraville is more than just money in someones bank. It is a valued contribution to each of our seller's businesses, enabling them to create more and better products for our small but mighty film community.

Why Sell With Cameraville? 

Multiple brands mean multiple fans. By selling on Cameraville your products will have the benefit of an amalgamated customer base. No matter what product brings a potential customer to the store, odds are they'll like your products too. 

Why Is a Bear the Cameraville Logo?

Everybody should be able to experience the joys of photography. Even bears. Also it's an homage to the state flag of California which features a Grizzly Bear and is the birthplace of Cameraville's founder. 

Cameraville.co Founder

Cameraville was founded by American film photographer Jordan Michael Lockhart. After moving to New York from Los Angeles in 2014 he began to build strong ties in the local and international film community through his educational publications and buying and selling of cameras. He spent 2017 traveling through Europe collaborating with more influential analog minded businesspersons, founding Cameraville LLC as a way to bridge these connections and promote the individuals that continue to help shape the industry he loves.

You can view his personal images and articles at hisgallery.com