PRE-ORDER [10x Rolls] Processing & 30MP Scans for Standard Color Film

PRE-ORDER [10x Rolls] Processing & 30MP Scans for Standard Color Film

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35mm Standard Color Film Processing + 30 Megapixel scans for just $19.99 per roll. 

How it works 



How to Pre-Order

Simply purchase the service from this page and start shooting, you will need 10 films to send!

You will be notified via email when we open the first shipments in July 2018. 


How to Send Films

Instructions will be sent to your email provided at checkout.

1. Put your films in a sturdy bubble mailer 8.5 x 11 x 1.5 inch or smaller.

2. Print & attach it onto your package the prepaid packing slip sent to your email. 

3. Drop it in the mail (we do the rest!) 

Image Quality

The images you will receive are 30 Megapixel JPEGs roughly 11 to 17 MB each scanned on various NORITSU brand scanners. 


Shipping & Processing Times

8 - 14 Business Days
Shipping from US to our European Labs

1 to 5 Business Days
Processing and Scanning 

1 Business Day
Email Links to Images

Every Quarter
Delivery of your Negatives

At this time we do not offer services for:

Black & White 
Slide Film
Non 135mm Format Films
Half Frame or Panoramic Format Images
Cross Processing
Customers from Outside the USA


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