Pentax MX | Amsterdam | Kodak Portra 800 | Pentax-M 40mm f2.8

A week before my trip to Amsterdam I was in Belgrade, Serbia for a camera show. It’s was a typical thing; old men sitting with crossed arms and a stock that turns over like molasses. I got supremely luck though as found the exact two cameras there I had been seeking for months. A Pentax MX with pancake lens, and a Leica M4-P. I Immediately picked up the Pentax with pancake for 90 USD (78 EUR) and the Leica M4-P for 578 USD (500 EUR).

So a week later I was off to Amsterdam excited to shoot the Pentax which I had owned and loved about 3 years prior. I have been shooting without a meter for the year so I was conflicted about using the meter in the MX - would it aid or stunt the meter-less skills I had developed?