Leica IIIg | Belgrade | Agfa Vista | Elmar 50mm 3.5

I went to Belgrade, Serbia to attend a camera show that I hadn't been to in about 6 months. If you're interested it's called "Foto berza u Beogradu" about 4 times a year at Dorćol Platz - send a message in this facebook group to find out about the next one.

I had brought with me my Leica IIIg and Elmar 50mm 3.5 lens, loaded up with my favorite film Agfa Vista 200. What was interesting about this roll is about half of it was shot at dusk or night (very low light). With an f/3.5 lens a low speed 200 film, it's not a situation you would expect to get good pictures. I wrote more on that here. But the turned out just fine, a little blurry as I shot some as low a 1/8th of a second.