Pentax IQ ZOOM 115M | Big Bear Lake

I got a cheap-o Pentax IQ zoom series camera for 3 USD plus shipping with a bunch of expired film on eBay. With a background in film (cinema) I was fond of the idea of a panoramic ratio - even though a crop-type pan on a cheap compact is much less resolution than a true panoramic camera like the Horizon or X-Pan series.

I brought it to California for a trip along with a Rollei AFM 35, Olympus OM2, and Rollei 35 S. Technically the lens of this Pentax camera probably sucks, and you look laughable when you get caught in public extending the Zoom lens to it's full reach. Somehow this combination of cheap and silly left me with one of my favorite rolls of all time.

*Last 7 pictures are from Yosemite National Park