Nikon EM | Lviv | Kodak Color Plus 200 | Nikon 45mm f/2.8 P

The 1980s Nikon EM is an aperture priority only camera, meaning you can choose the aperture and the camera will choose the shutter speed with its built-in meter and internal electronics. Semi or fully automatic controls have long been accepted as an indication of an amateur photographer - Most of my friends who shoot film would immediately dismiss a SLR that does not have manual shutter control, perhaps because they want full control or perhaps they don't like the amateur implication of EM's features.

Of course photographers of any level can and will use any camera they choose, so it's unfair to judge the level of ones photography by the camera in their hand. If I'm not mistaken the Nikon EM is the smallest Nikon SLR ever made, and that is the number one reason why I purchased this camera. Paired with it I used not coincidentally the smallest Nikon SLR lens ever made, the Nikon 45mm F/2.8 P. It is a special lens released in 2001 with only 25,000 made in silver, there is also a black variant. It actually has electronic contacts that enable automatic control and EXIF data when mounted on a digital Nikon SLR - which I have never used.

I'm not too picky with lens performance but luckily this one is a good performer. The Nikon 45mm F/2.8 P paired with the Nikon EM gives me the smallest Nikon SLR possible which is what I set out to do with this kit. I used the lens on a Nikon FM2T and FE but the EM seems to be the most fun. As I typically shoot fully mechanical cameras and without the aid of a meter, it's a nice change to pick up the EM and let it do some of the work for me.

Camera: Nikon EM SLR
Location: Lviv, Ukraine
Film: Kodak Color Plus 200
Lens: Nikon 45mm F/2.8 P Pancake Lens