5 TED Talks for Photographers

TED Talks "Conference Series"

If you haven't heard to TED talks, they are a highly interesting and educational series of global conferences guided by the slogan "Ideas Worth Spreading". They cover topics from breakthroughs in the medical technology industry, to world issues, to dancing robots.

Any given TED talk is sure to spark your interest. If you're a photographer and you happen to find a talk on ideas worth spreading in the photography industry, even better. Here are 5 TED talks for photographers.

1. Mysteries of the Unseen World

Ideas, Topics, & Principles:

  • Timelapse Photography

  • High Speed Cameras

  • Macro Photography

  • Data Visualization


2. The Silent Drama of Photography

Ideas, Topics, & Principles:

  • Art of Photography

  • Photojournalism, Anthropology, Activism, Publication

  • Autobiography

  • Black & White


3. Imaging at 1,000,000,000,000 FPS

Ideas, Topics, & Principles:

  • Femto-Photography

  • Optical Science

  • High Speed Cameras


4. Hidden Cameras in the World's Most Dangerous Places

Ideas, Topics, & Principles:

  • Hidden Cameras

  • War

  • Human Rights

4. A Flying Camera on a Leash

Ideas, Topics, & Principles:

  • Drones

  • Journalism

  • Photographers Rights

5 TED Talks for Photographers Takeaway

Photography is all about having fun, constantly learning, and creating. Hopefully you have found some inspiration from one of these videos, either to explore a new area of photography, or further develop your current skill set. With so much to learn, photography is like a good book that never ends. And of course I wouldn't leave you without...

Dancing Mini Robots!