Best Analog Photography YouTube Channels: Top 36 list for Film Photography

Over three years ago I published the “List Of Most Popular Photography YouTube Channels”, now I’m back with an even better list to help you get informed, entertained, or inspired about your film photography with- the Best Analog Photography YouTube Channels.


I built this article around the idea of six degrees of separation. First I checked out every one I know of that produces film photography content on YouTube. Then I checked their recommended and related channels. Then I checked those individuals accounts and all of their recommended and related channels. I continued this pattern until the loop had closed and there were no more undiscovered or previously mentioned YouTube creators.

The Best Analog Photography YouTube Channels

Below are analog photography related YouTube channels ranked by lifetime channel views. I took a few liberties in how I calculated lifetime views - like subtracting one creators clip of a hip-hop concert at over 2 million views. In any case every channel on this list has some really exciting content depending what facet of film you are into. I won’t be publishing view count or emphasize the rankings, popularity it not so important, but a nice way for me to quantize and organize the data. Draw yourself to the content not the numbers.

Additionally you will find a video embedded from each of their channels, I chose my favorite of their 3 most popular videos uploaded in the last 11 months. Each video below should give you a good idea of their current style and focus if my description does not do it justice. I’ve also added a button below each channel that lets you subscribe to all these creators right here on this page.

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Negative Feedback

The most popular analog photography YouTube channel Negative Feedback, gains around 1,900 subscribers per upload. Led by George Muncey from the UK, the channel films out on the streets and in the studio comparing various films and cameras to one another, often with guest photographers and interviews. After the main action of each video George sits at his computer and reviews his photos and thoughts for us the audience. The channel has over 7.5 million views, but I can’t quite figure out their secret.


Matt Day

Matt Day is what I call a normal guy - which is a good thing. He’s not out there trying to hype you up or smash that like button, he’s just himself with the poise of a friend and the agency of a teacher. He films mostly at his home in Ohio often cutting to images of his shots as he discusses his experiences with a given camera or idea. His content covers developing, shooting, books, and printing, with sprinkles of his family life as they relate to his photography.



Eduardo Pavez Goye’s channel is mainly a film camera review channel with lots of a man-on-the-street camera reviews. He’s not afraid of strangers, get’s the shots he wants without hesitation, and moves like an experienced street photographer. He reviews lots of well-known model film cameras and has his thumbnail game down. He’s from Chile, studied in Germany, and is currently living in New York City.


David Hancock

David Hancock’s YouTube channel is one of my personal favorites even though I haven’t even seen 1/10th of his videos. Though that’s understandable when you hear his channel has over 590 uploads, all related to analog photography. Hancock is knowledgeable, technical, and poetic, 3 things many other channels [of any subject] lack either by choice or inability. Above is one of my favorite videos by him regarding the Zenza Bronica S2A. Hancocks colorful and accurate narration displays a respect and emotion reminiscent of a camera eulogy.



I know Bigheadtaco as the #1 fan of the Ricoh GR line of film and digital cameras. He’s got some digital photography gear reviews but still a large amount of quality analog centric content. I particularly like his Hong Kong film camera shopping videos and interviews with film photographers and shop owners.



Since 2009 Michael Raso & Mat Marrash have been producing the filmphotographypodcast with their supplimentary YouTube channel FilmPhotographyTube. As a podcast first and YouTube channel second you can always expect great audio on all of their videos. Topics cover black and white, 8mm, 126 and 110 film, as well as many pre-1960’s vintage film cameras like the Kodak Instamatic.


Shawnee Union

I’ve been following Dan Dao’s channel Shawnee Union for many years, in fact his first film camera review video was posted over 6 years ago. He doesn’t have flashy edits or up-beat hip hop music, sometimes even stumbles his words on camera. It’s clear he’s on YouTube out of a pure passion for film photography and not out for fame and fortune. It seems he has a sweet spot for canon rangefinders but reviews everything from point and shoots, to half frames, SLRs, and medium format. Another one of my favorites.



KingJvipes who likes to tout #minoltagang makes content out of Northern California. I first discovered him about a year ago, right around the time when he started focusing his channel on analog photography. He’s got a lot of catchy video titles and makes content that’s very searchable and shareable. He’s got a nice taste in cameras often leaning towards popular affordable SLRs and point and shoots. He’s continuously producing content and has seen a lot of growth in the last year because of it. At just 20 years old I’m looking forward to following him as his knowledge and taste refines.


The Mijonju Show

The Mijonju Show YouTube channel had its first upload in December 2008. Run by Michel Jones from Tokyo the Mijonju Show is full of film camera reviews, Tokyo camera show tours, photo walks and interviews. Jones has collaborated with Lomography, Japan Camera Hunter, and Polaroid Originals. His videos are often woven with a subtle humor that is entirely unique to his channel and possibly the longest running analog review series on YouTube. He also made a track recently on Soundcould that seems to have been made with Polaroid SX70 sounds.



Awesome Cameras by Joseph (Joey) Ready is big on film and camera comparison videos which him and a friend usually go out into the city and shoot. His website sells some gear, and has a blog and podcast. He’s recently started a film news series on his youtube channel and is active offline to too doing meetups in northern California.



ForesthillFilmLab YouTube is made by Travis Mortz from northern California where he independently runs a film lab named - Forest Hill Film Lab. All of his videos follow the format you see above. You know what to expect with every new video from travis - a black and white video of Travis sitting in his lab talking discussing or educating on a new or old relevant film photography topic. He does camera reviews but mostly discusses film in general and provides helpful advice or how-to’s enabling people to get out there and shoot. Send him your film!


Old Cameras

Ade Torrent and his YouTube channel Old Cameras is refreshingly straight to the point. From the first word of every video the review has already started as he describes his experiences with affordable SLR and rangefinder cameras. Torrent is not just a camera collector but respects the art of photography as well as is apt to trying new things and moving outside of his comfort zone.

Kenneth Wajda

Kenneth Wadja much like David Hancock is a super-creator with almost 500 videos on his YouTube Channel. Every video is about the same format, Kenneth sitting in one of a few recurring locations discussing casually and in-depth about a camera, film, book, or commonly asked questions related to film photography. Within his archive there is something for everyone and his decades of experience is valuable and unique to the rest of this list.


Nicos Photography Show

Nicolas Llasera has an ever-expanding YouTube channel known as Nicos Photography Show. The staple of the channel is a weekly news series on all things new in the analog world. He has a particular affinity for large format camera but has a nice balance of content type on his channel from opinion pieces, unboxings, reviews, and how-to’s. Nico gets up at 5am every day to to make time for his YouTube channel in between a full-time job and taking care of his family. He’s a friend of mine and I suggest you browse his content if you are not familiar with it already. He vastly knowledgeable, likable, and has a knack for teaching.


Analog Insights

Based out of Germany, Analog Insights has 58 videos in just two years, exclusively dedicated to analog photography. The channel provides long-form film camera reviews often ranging from 15 to 25 minutes and displays a nice taste in cameras chosen for the reviews. I’ve sat through an entire review from this channel on more than a few occasions.


Erik Wahlstrom

Erik Wahlstrom out of New York state mainly reviews film, and produces opinion pieces such as “Does Gear Matter?”, “What Makes a Photographer?”, and “The Future of Ilm Photography”. Wahlstrom also features medium format film cameras in his videos such as the Pentax 67 and RB67.



The Ilford Photo YouTube channel is about black and white film photography. Professionally shot the content consistins mostly of photographer interviews and how-to videos related to film developing and their products. Especially great for Ilford fans and anyone that develops on their own.


Azriel Knight

Azriel Knight and his YouTube channel by the same name publishes two ongoing series. One series called “This Old Camera”, delves into the history of analog products with plenty of b-roll and imagery to keep you entertained. The next series “Days of Knight” is a vlog covering film shooting, tips, excursions, and how to’s. The “This Old Camera” series is very well written and researched, and reminds me of the YouTube channel Gaming Historian.


Mike Janik

Mike Janik’s channel has 17 videos at an average of one upload every 2 months. All of them are film photography related with a majority of them discussing a specific camera or film, and sometimes with footage shooting out on the street in his city Toronto. Janik gets nearly 1000 subscribers per upload, much like Negative Feedback I can’t identify the channels secret to success.


Pushing Film

Pushing Film a YouTube channel by Hashem and Nick started when the two of them noticed there were no Australian film photography YouTube channels. Nick has not appeared regularly in around a year due to an unrelated business venture but Hashem has kept up the channel, and recently mentioned plans for local film photography workshops in the near future. The channel covers on the street reviews as well as a few long form vlogs - which aren’t clearly labeled as being film related - but they are about shooting film as he travels to different destinations.


Nick Exposed

Zines, printing, shooting, fine art, selling yourself, selling your work; these are all topics covered by Nick from Nick Exposed. He focuses mainly on educating people and having open (live) discussions about film photography and the art world as well as some camera reviews.


Mike Padua

Mike Padua is the maker of the YouTube channel by the same name as well as his website and brand Shoot Film Co. Padua is knowledgeable and I have no problem watching his often 15 to 20 minute camera reviews. Recently he’s had guest appearances by two other creators on this list and also uploads videos relevant to his new products and website contests. Most of his camera reviews are on premium compacts.


Willem Verbeeck

Travel, medium format, and interviews are the staple content for the channel Willem Verbeeck. Well-produced and well-paced the videos are easy watch, informative, and entertaining. The channel has a consistent look and feel that I appreciate.



Appropriately named, GRAIN TV features mostly information and instructional videos about the darkroom and printing. There is an “Out In The Field” series which follows the channels creator Chris as he shoots landscape photography and shares his thoughts.


Timothy Makeups

Timothy Ditzler is a documentary analog photographer with a “Day In The Life” analog film photography vlog series and film reviews on his YouTube page - Timothy Makeups.


Paul C Smith Photographer

Paul C. Smith is a photographer shooting and making videos mostly revolving around his Leica M6 and the New Zealand countryside. On his channel Paul C Smith Photographer you will also find videos about black and white photography and processing black and white film.


Shoot Film Like a Boss

The Shoot Film Like A Boss channel has lot of how-to’s for beginners interested in darkroom printing and film photography in general. There is also a nice collection of on location film shooting, shooting with Ilford Plus, and around a dozen camera reviews.


Nate Matos

Nate Matos is another passionate film photographer and YouTube creator, with content covering rangefinders, polaroids, super 8, medium format, large format, and magazines.


Nick Pirro

Nick Pirro focuses his channel thus far on popular bus less common film stocks and features his compact film camera thrift store and eBay hauls. Nick goes out in a vlog-like fashion shooting the cameras and film outdoors with his friends.


On Film Only

On Film Only is made by a friend of mine Vincent Moschetti. Many may have discovered his him and his YouTube channel through the release of him black and white 400 ASA 35mm film Street Candy which I used to distribute. On Film Only has increased the quality and quantity of its content in the last year and has a rapidly growing fanbase. The channel has some how-to’s but mainly consists of shooting high-end gear with popular films across his various travel destinations. With the help of his girlfriend behind the camera we get to see Vincent as he walks the streets taking each photo which is then shown concurrently in the edit.


Negative Cru

Negative Cru is an analog photography YouTube channel out of Russia. Production value is high and their focus is mainly on film and medium format cameras. The channel has much less views than it deserves, probably due to content being published in Russian. Often a difficult choice for non-native english speakers creating content is whether to publish it in English or in their native language. Despite the issues non-Russian speakers might have it’s great that Negative Cru is making content for tailored for their community. Additionally their recent videos have english captions enabling a broader audience though, even without that, words are not needed to see the images a camera and given film can produce. The channel could be described as a Russian Negative Feedback.



Cameraville (not to be confused with “The Cameraville”) is my YouTube channel which used to go by Cameraplex when it started in 2015. My most popular videos focus on teaching complicated photography concepts without the use of words. My next video will be a mini-documentary about


Muphys Film

Garth Murphy of Murphys Film publishes film camera reviews, opinion pieces, unboxings, eBay hauls, and how-to’s. His videos cover a range of camera types including, large format, medium format, rangefinders, SLRs, and compacts.


Camera Rescue

Juho Leppänen of Camerarescue formerly known as CameraVentures started in 2015 and is rapidly advancing toward his goal of saving 100,000 film cameras by the year 2020. Recently Camerarescue published a video with Japan Camera Hunter about the five steps on getting into analog photography, helping those learn about the progression of camera gear one might take as they advance through their skills in photography. The channel has lots of updates about the company’s ventures like contests, Nordic camera-buying tours, and news about the analog world. Before starting Juho co-founded (known as Kameratori in Finland) which today is the biggest buyer and seller of analog goods in the Nordics. Juho is another friend of mine and we work together intermittently.


Manuel Guzman

As we get to the bottom if the list we approach analog photography YouTube channels nearing the 1000 subscriber mark. These are the up and coming channels that can use some support if you like their content. Cloaked in a vlogging format, Manuel Guzman goes outdoors and on location reviewing SLR, point and shoot, and medium format cameras and film.


Local Analog

Local Analog aims to inspire others to shoot film through its adventurous on location analog shooting with popular films, cameras, and guest photographers. The thumbnail of the video above is enough to give it a click.



Noisefilm is a YouTube channel out of Denmark, the production value, topics discussed, and creative approach to their videos make it a very likable channel that often feels like an analog television series. All content is produced in Danish which may be a reason for their low view count compared to the rest of the analog photography channels. Again it’s nice to see a channel making content for their local region. Over 80% of their videos though have human-written english subtitles, so please check them out.

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